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Corporative information

Grupo Numar

The Grupo Numar gradual development traces back to the 1930´s. By that time, the United Fruit Company is moved to the Pacific area of the country to start substituting the banana plantations that were being affected by “El Mal de Panamá”, for African Palm and Cacao cultivations. The company also worked on the implementation of livestock breeding and grain commercialization.

By the time of the Compañía Bananera farms closure, the firm itself starts encouraging and promoting the plantation of Oil Palms in the country; thus, it becomes the main supplier of genetic material for crops in Latin America.

Simultaneously, Richard Johnson, an American settled in Costa Rica, founded in Barrio Luján the Numar American Brand Company in 1951. That name comes from the firm’s first product: Nutritive Margarine. Time passes by, and 8 years later the company buys the land in Barrio Cuba where they would settle the production plant known as “Compañía Numar.”

The establishment and development of palm crops eliminated the need of importing from Malaysia raw material that was necessary for the production of vegetable shortening and other products. Back then, there was only one plant in the country, “Aceites Garrido y Llovera”, which was the leader in that area. There was also a competition with other products like “Margarine Mirasol,” that was produced by “Unilever y Nova/Blue Bonne” of the Panamerican Standard Brand. Slowly and steadily, Numar´s margarine begins to win the customers preference. While they also start consolidating in the market, they promote the diversification of vegetable shortening and vegetable oils, among them, Vegetable Shortening and Clover Brand Oil; and the manufacturing of products for the food and soap industry.

Numar widens its action range whet it begins to export its products to the rest of the Central American countries, due to opening of the Central American Free Trade Agreement. In this way, Clover Brand and Numar get consolidated as prestigious regional brands.

In 1965, the United Fruit Company buys “Compañia Numar” and “Grupo Numar” is founded in Costa Rica. It integrates several companies related to the plantation, extraction, processing and production of vegetable shortening and vegetable oil.

In 1995, “Grupo Numar” is bought by a group of Costa Rican and foreign investors with wide experience in the manufacturing of vegetable shortening and oils. The new stockholders initiate an aggressive plan of African Palm plantation and oil exportation of palm oil out of Central America.

Today, “Grupo Numar” is constituted by four companies.


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